Sell your Private Aircraft at the Expo! Introducing an Aircraft Sales Lot


The U.S. Sport Aviation Expo and Aviators Hot Line have teamed up to offer private aircraft owners an opportunity to sell their aircraft at the 11th annual Sebring Expo. The Expo, which focuses on showcasing affordable aircraft, will run Wednesday through Saturday, January 14-17, 2015, on the Sebring Regional Airport. Aviators Hot Line will manage the special area set aside on the airport’s ramp for owners to display their aircraft.

Expo Director Jana Filip and Aviators Hot Line Director Jacob Peed announced the new opportunity, saying they are delighted to offer another way for aircraft owners and sellers to connect. Filip said, “The Expo’s goal is to help people locate the affordable aircraft of their dreams, whether it’s a light-sport aircraft, a homebuilt kit, a refurbished production aircraft, or an ultralight. The concept of creating a place at the Expo for private owners to sell their aircraft seemed a natural, and we decided to team with Aviator Hotline to offer that opportunity.”

Sell Your Aircraft —Owners interested in selling their private aircraft at the Expo may register and pre-pay online at . A one-time fee of $100 is required for registration and allows owners to display their aircraft for as long as they wish during the event. Aviators Hot Line will have title, insurance, and financial representatives on site to assist with sales. Planes may be flown or trailered in, with arrivals allowed beginning Tuesday, January 13. Security will be in place 24 hours a day throughout the event, and the Sales Lot will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Registered sellers will be able to make demonstration flights with prospective owners.  Planes will be accepted in the order of submission until the Sales Lot is filled; if necessary, a wait-list will be established.

Refurbished Certified Aircraft— The Sebring Expo also has joined with Triple R Affordable Aircraft to showcase refurbished certified aircraft as another option. Triple R’s focus is on creating standards for rebuilding, restoring, and re-equipping the general aviation fleet as an affordable alternative to the high cost of new aircraft, and it will be displaying refurbished aircraft at the Expo as well. (Learn more about Triple R at

Online Tickets Available Through January 1, 2015 —Discounted tickets for the 2015 Expo continue on sale online through January 1, 2015, with additional discounts offered for EAA and AOPA members. Plan your trip to Expo 2015 now; complete details are available at

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