Garmin celebrates 10th Anniversary of the G1000


Garmin is proud to celebrate today, the tenth anniversary of delivering the G1000 Integrated Flight Deck (IFD) to customers. The first announcement of the revolutionary G1000 IFD was in March 2003, when Cessna announced the selection of G1000 for the Citation Mustang, which was in development at the time. Additional announcements by a variety of aircraft manufacturers followed and the first customer deliveries of the G1000 IFD began in June 2004, by both Cessna and Diamond Aircraft in their single-engine product lines.


“In many ways, the 10-year period seems to have flown by,” said Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “We are very proud to celebrate this terrific milestone and are sincerely thankful to our aircraft manufacturing partners, as well as the aircraft owners, for selecting G1000 and being an important part of the Garmin family. To date, the G1000 IFD has been certified in 49 aircraft models, which represent 19 different aircraft manufacturers. There are now over 12,500 G1000 systems flying worldwide, ranging from single and multi-engine piston aircraft, turboprops, rotorcraft and business jets - with plenty more on the way. We look forward to pursuing additional aircraft models, as well as select retrofit opportunities and enthusiastically serving our customers well into the future with Garmin’s award-winning aviation product support teams.”


Since its introduction, a key to the success of G1000 has been many of the safety-enhancing features that have been certified and made available to be added in the field to an existing G1000 system. Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) is an excellent example, which was certified in 2008 and replicated what pilots would see outside of the cockpit on a clear day. Through a software update and no change to the equipment configuration, SVT can be installed on nearly every G1000 system ever delivered, assuming the system had been kept up to date. Other features that have been certified since the introduction of G1000, include:
• Automatic Flight Control Integration
• Class A TAWS
• Class B TAWS
• Helicopter TAWS (HTAWS)
• Weather Radar support
• WAAS Capability
• Electronic Charts (Garmin FliteCharts and Garmin ChartView)
• SafeTaxi
• AOPA Airport Directory
• Enhanced Vision System (EVS) Integration
• Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) Integration
• TCAS II Integration
• Global Voice, Weather & Data Capability
• Geo-referenced FliteCharts


Building on the framework fostered by years of innovation, the G1000 revolutionized the market by offering advanced capabilities and features to pilots around the world, which has been helping aviators safely reach their destinations for a decade.


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