Aircraft Spruce West Super Sale September 29, 2018

Spruce Super Sale - Corona, CA.

Come join the fun and get a chance to win big prizes.

This is the time of year when we go all out by offering spectacular discounts on our most popular products and provide a chance for our loyal customer to meet our vendors.


Now gain the skills, techniques and, mot importantly, the confidence to take you all the way to that first fabulous flight in your own homebuilt or restored aircraft. Please register with EAA Sportair Workshop before attending the workshop.


For more information contact us at

1-877-477-7823 or 1-951-372-9555


Aircraft Spruce's complete product line is available at as well as through the company's free 1,000+ page catalog.


WEST: 225 Airport Circle, Corona, CA 92880 | Phone: (951) 372-9555 | Fax: (951) 372-0555
EAST: 452 Dividend Dr. Peachtree City, GA 30269 | Phone: (770) 487-2310 | Fax: (770) 487-2308
CANADA: 27 York Road., Brantford Municipal Airport, Brantford, ON N3T 6H2 | Phone: (877) 795-2278
Toll Free Phone: 1-877-4-SPRUCE | International: +951-372-9555 | |

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