and Sun 'n Fun Have Partnered to Provide Support to Individuals Affected by Hurricane Irma


Urgent - Hurricane Irma Update 14 September:

Today's mission is to bring as much food, water and charcoal to X51. If you have these items, contact Leann at +1 (517) 937-6373 and tell her you want to go direct to X51.

From there, you can do round robins from OCF/LAL (where we have supplies available) to X51. We have a few select aircraft operating X51 into Summerland Key and if all goes well, into Sugar Loaf Key today. Please be advised, only our select aircraft have been given permission to land on those keys so do not attempt to go there on your own.

If you are near Lakeland, FL and can bring Food, bottled water or charcoal to the airport, bring it to the Sun 'n Fun hangar and we can get it moving.

Please join our Facebook page and share this post so that everyone knows how to help.

The need on Summerland Key for food, water, gas and charcoal are critical. So if you can join in today, let's get these propellers spinning...and get trucks rolling. We need food, and lots of it today!

Pilots with an aircraft available who have collected or are able to obtain donations to be flown into Florida’s Lakeland Linder Airport (KLAL) please contact Marianne Stevenson at prior to launching.

We also need to ensure that you are able to use the “Compassionate” call sign when filing your flight plan. This will expedite your handling by ATC and allow you to get to your destination with a minimum of ATC-related issues. In addition, many of the FBOs and airports we are using are offering discounts on fuel, and in some instances offering waivers of landing and ramp fees.

Anyone who is willing to fly from Ross Aviation at Scottsdale AZ (SDL) to Lakeland Linder (LAL) is advised to contact Marianne Stevenson at If not able to fly from Scottsdale to Lakeland, we are establishing a “bucket brigade” consisting of legs from Scottsdale to Signature Aviation at Austin Bergstrom (AUS) and handed off to an aircraft able to fly direct Lakeland from Austin.

Finally, we have an evacuation mission; aircraft and pilots who are able and willing to fly to St. Thomas for the evacuation efforts, please email Alan Staats at or via phone to 602.790.2636.

These are urgent requests. Our goal is to get the missions running tomorrow morning.

Initially and during the storm, we are looking for pilots who already have loads of supplies, and who are looking for destinations on where those supplies can do the most good. If you have sourced a plane load of supplies, please register your aircraft, then email Eric at If you have more supplies than what your plane can handle, we will reach out to our network in order dispatch more aircraft to pick up the additional supplies.

The most important products that we are in need of are:

Bottled water
Chain Saws (with extra chains, chain oil and 2 stroke oil if possible)
Canned and low sodium soup/stew with easy to open tops (tops that require no can openers)
Granola bars/high nutrient snacks
Food and Kitchen Items:
Bottled water
Baby formula
Peanut Butter
Canned and pre-cooked meat, fruit, and vegetable
Easy-to-open snacks
Paper plates, cups, and plastic ware
Personal Care:
Tooth brushes/toothpaste
Hand sanitizer
Feminine hygiene products
Baby wipes/diapers
Adult diapers
First aid kits
Cleaning Supplies and Tools:
Mops and brooms
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Clorox wipes
Rubber gloves
Work gloves
Cleaning liquids
Face dust/particle masks
Trash bags/contractor bags
Clippers and trimmers
Wire cutters
Drivers and drills
Duct tape
Styrofoam coolers
Canopies for shade
Animal Supplies:
Cat food
Dog food
Collars and leashes

Many areas and communities closer to the disaster area have already been depleted of these kinds of supplies, so the best source is to fly them in from areas elsewhere.

For those pilots who do not have the infrastructure set in place to accept donations, once the storm has passed, we will be reaching out regarding mission availabilities. As we saw from Harvey, we have a huge need for pilots with empty aircraft as well.

For those of you who are looking to assist from the ground, we are looking for a few individuals who know about general aviation, and who are able to setup and organize missions. Please contact Marianne Stevenson at

Finally, we need information and we need contacts on the ground in the disaster areas. Being able to communicate needs and directing our supply routes is going to make responses even quicker. Please share this message across your contacts on social media, as it will assist with information gathering.

Please contact Marianne Stevenson at

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, either on facebook, through email, or call.

We sincerely appreciate everyone's support and service to both Harvey and Irma. Your sacrifice, your donation of your time, talent and treasure will not be overlooked!


Eric Whyte is the POC for aircraft mission routing during our Hurricane Irma response effort. or phone contact is (414) 241-4469 but be advised operations is extremely busy so texting is always best.

However, we need all aircraft to register their aircraft through the website.

Alan Staats is the POC for all media inquiries at or (602) 790-2636

Trevor Norman is POC for general questions at

Marianne Stevenson is the President and has overview and can be reached at or text to (951) 491-9827



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