Sweepstakes Winners “Fly Above the Rest” With AeroShell Aerobatic Team



“Unbelievable view. Fantastic aerobatics. Smooth, great job.”


This is how Jeff Hove, one of two flying enthusiasts and long term pilots described his flight with the iconic AeroShell Aerobatic Team at the recent SUN ’n FUN International Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida. Hove, a 29-year pilot and Cessna owner from Minnesota, and Chuck Kemp, a transplanted Texas living in Louisiana who has rekindled his passion for flying, won the AeroShell sweepstakes rides during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2014. In celebration of the new AeroShell Fly Above the Rest campaign, the winners chose SUN ‘n FUN as the perfect time to take it up to the skies.



Kemp, an aircraft health monitoring system developer with a wife and two grown sons, remembers when he won the sweepstakes. “I was giddy,” he said. “I attended A&P School 35 years ago with Steve Gustafson, the pilot of the #3 AeroShell Aerobatic Team aircraft. I flew with him then and now again today. It brought back some great memories and reminded me why I chose aviation as a career!” Hove, married with one daughter, commented on the maneuvers. “I liked the formation wing-over. They’re difficult to get right, but they did it.  It was great fun.”



Both winners have loved the art of flying for many years. For Hove, his father’s Piper Cherokee Warrior caught his eye when he was a college student. “Dad had just fulfilled his dream of purchasing the plane and taking lessons. I wanted to learn, too, so he made a deal with the school to lease the plane back to them and I would only pay for the fuel and instructor. It was a good deal, so I took them up on it…that was in 1986, at Lake Elmo Airport right outside St. Paul, Minnesota.”


Kemp became interested in flying because his brother was a helicopter pilot in the army and then a commercial helicopter pilot. After attending a local flight school in Beaumont, Texas, he went to the A&P School and became a mechanic, where he met Steve Gustafson.


Both winners value AeroShell products.  “I used AeroShell when I was a mechanic, both in helicopters and fixed wings. You have to have a product that offers great results, and AeroShell offered that in my experience,” said Kemp.  According to Hove, “We use AeroShell oils and grease in my Yak-52 and the planes in our flying club and they perform well. In the radials we use AeroShell W100, and in the horizontally-opposed engines we use AeroShell W15W-50.”


AeroShell plans to offer more sweepstakes as part of its ‘Fly Above the Rest’ campaign promoting the company’s full portfolio of piston engine oils, including the recently reformulated AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4.


Both pilots enjoyed their experience with the AeroShell Aerobatic Team and reflected on their passion for flight. Hove mentioned the sensations of freedom, continuous challenges, and the camaraderie with other pilots and the many friends he has met during the past 29 years. Kemp said he received his private pilot’s license in 1976 but hasn’t been active in 10 years. Regarding the AeroShell Aerobatic Team flight, Kemp said “35 years ago, I wanted to fly aerobatics at airshows. Today, while flying with my former classmate Steve, I was as close as I could get. This checked a box off of my bucket list…and made me want to start flying again!”

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