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A Sign of a Recovering Economy? Private Aviation Is Beginning to Take off.

As the economy lifts, so does the aviation industry During the past four or five years, one segment of the economy that has been hit hard is the aviation field. When times are tough, businesses cut back on travel, pilots make do with their current airplane or helicopter, and upgrades, repairs, and modifications tend to […]

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Business Aviation: The Unfair Advantage

What was once used only in extraordinary circumstances or by top global companies has today become a business necessity. If you charter, lease or own an aircraft, you already understand that Business Aviation — also called General Aviation — is as indispensable as your cell phone and your laptop.  For those companies that don’t use […]

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Company Offers Fractional Ownership of Private Jets

A new company - Aurora Jet Partners - is promising all the benefits of jet ownership, but at a fraction of the cost. The new jet sales, management and charter company was created by a partnership between Ledcor's Opus Aviation of Vancouver and Morning-star Partners of Edmonton. Ledcor is investing in Morningstar Partners to create […]

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