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Lockheed Martin iOS

Garmin Introduces Lockheed Flight Plan Filing for Android and iOS and Brings Additional Enhancements to Garmin Pilot

  Garmin is bringing enhanced flight plan filing capabilities to Garmin Pilot, which now incorporates the option to file flight plans directly with Lockheed Martin Flight Services. This results in increased flexibility and instantaneous flight plan delivery when filing flight plans within Garmin Pilot for iOS and Android customers. Additionally, an updated Android user interface leverages the latest Android […]

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Lockheed Unveils Mach 6 Screamer – The SR-72 Blackbird Concept

The SR-71 pushed the boundaries of the modern airplane… the SR-72 shoves them right to the stratosphere Lockheed Martin has announced that they are actively working on a successor to the lauded SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance plane that promises to completely redefine the modern interpretation of military aircraft. The SR-71 was a product of the Cold […]

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