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Hiring a Private Jumbo Aircraft to Be a Reality in India

Hiring the world's biggest planes like Airbus 380 or Boeing 747 Jumbo will soon become a reality in India. UK-based air charter broker company Air Partner has joined hands with InterGlobe Established Private Limited (THE ESTD) - a subsidiary of InterGlobe Enterprises - to launch a range of private aviation products from small aircraft to […]

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Boeing Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Drone That Can Stay Airborne For Days

A new Boeing unmanned drone powered by liquid-hydrogen and designed to stay airborne for days has completed its first autonomous flight at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base. During the 28-minute flight, the Phantom Eye reached an altitude of 4,080 feet (1,244 meters) with a cruising speed of 62 knots […]

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The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress at the airport in San Luis Obispo before its flight to the Bay Area on the Wings of Freedom tour, which will be at the Livermore airport from Sunday to Tuesday. The swastikas represent the number of destroyed Nazi aircraft while each bomb represents a mission.

Young Reporter Takes Flight Into History in Time For Memorial Day

I watched in shock as the fierce wind sucked my neon orange earplug through a crack in the floor of the Consolidated B-24 Liberator. As my earplug disappeared into the void below, the crew member's words echoed in my head: "Don't step on the red floor!" He had explained that it would easily flap open […]

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Boeing  Commercial jets of the future may have high-span wings and be powered by hybrid-electric engines.

Boeing Concept Jet Could be Prius of the Skies

In 2050, flying commercial may still mean crammed overhead bins and crummy food, but the engine could be powered by liquefied natural gas or electricity, according to an ongoing study on the future of flight. Such planes might also be constructed with lighter materials, sport high-span truss-based wings, and be routed with improved air-traffic control […]

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