TruTrak Autopilot STC Complete for C172 and C177

Springdale, AR July 20, 2017 - TruTrak Flight Systems is pleased to announce that together with EAA, they have completed the STC of the Vizion autopilot system.  The STC was awarded on July 19, 2017.  This is the first autopilot manufactured by TruTrak to be approved for certified aircraft.

TruTrak will begin delivering complete autopilot systems during EAA AirVenture, which begins Monday, July 24, 2017.  The autopilot system cost is $4000, the install kit is $1000, and the STC from EAA is priced at $100.  During AirVenture, TruTrak will be displaying their Cessna 172 aircraft at their outdoor booth 174.  The Vizion autopilot will be installed in the aircraft so that patrons may see and learn about the system.  TruTrak will also have staffing at indoor booth 3030.  EAA’s STC demonstrator 172, Vizion autopilot and Dynon D10A will be on display at the EAA Four Corners.  EAA will begin fulfilling orders for the STC shortly after AirVenture.  Visit for more information on purchasing your STC.

The Vizion autopilot is a revolutionary autopilot for the certified aircraft market.  This two-axis autopilot offers a huge list of features and safety enhancements.  The autopilot is capable of following simple and more complex flight plans from nearly any aviation handheld or panel mount GPS in the market today.  Vizion autopilot also offers a track selector, altitude hold, vertical speed select, and altitude select / pre-select.

The list of safety features is nearly as long as the standard autopilot features.  The Vizion autopilot will neither let the pilot accidentally stall or overspeed the aircraft with the use of minimum and maximum airspeed settings.  Also included is the Emergency Level feature, which allows the pilot to press one button and the autopilot will engage and bring the aircraft to wings level and zero vertical speed.  This mode is unique in that it initially commands wings level, but then switches to track select mode to allow the pilot to more easily select a new desired direction.

Included for the first time in any TruTrak autopilot is a new safety feature called AEP.  This mode is a bank angle protection mode that the pilot can easily arm / disarm.  AEP is used when the autopilot is powered up, but not engaged, in other words when the aircraft is being hand-flown.  When armed, AEP monitors the aircraft bank angle and will engage the roll servo with a modulated signal that allows the servo to put a lighter than normal force into the control system.  This is not like the autopilot actually engaging, as the pilot may still very easily override the servo.  The system simply aids the pilot in lowering the bank angle of the aircraft.  This feature was specifically designed with LOC (loss of control) accidents in mind.

“We have been working on this project behind the scenes for many years and it’s great to finally finish this monumental project.  Having the STC issued and beginning deliveries of this system right around EAA AirVenture is just perfect.” said CEO Andrew Barker “EAA has been a wonderful partner in this process, and I couldn’t imagine a better place to announce the completion of this first STC.  We are committed to continuing to work with EAA on adding more aircraft types.  We have already begun working on the next installation designs, and look forward to offering those in the coming months.”

TruTrak is launching an updated website that will have more information on the certified product line.  This new website will also offer a web store for online purchasing of TruTrak autopilots for certified aircraft as well as popular experimental aircraft.  Visit TruTrak online at

Founded in 1999, TruTrak is a leader and innovator in the experimental and light sport aircraft autopilot market.  TruTrak has designed and manufactured many cutting edge autopilots including the autopilots in the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer and most recently Solar Impulse.


Andrew Barker

President / CEO

TruTrak Flight Systems

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