TruTrak Announces Groundbreaking ECO Autopilot



Springdale, AR July 16, 2015- TruTrak Flight Systems is pleased to announce the all new ECO autopilot. The autopilot was created in cooperation with Levil Technologies.  ECO (pronounced ēkō) is introductory priced under $1000.  An interest list for ECO will be taken beginning July 20, 2015, to coincide with opening day of EAA AirVenture.  Shipping of ECO is planned for September 2015.


The ECO is designed to be an affordable, simple, two-axis autopilot with automatic envelope protection (AEP).  AEP allows the pilot to set a safe bank angle and pitch angle they wish to fly within.  When AEP is armed, the system automatically inputs a light force into the controls to move the aircraft back inside the desired envelope. ECO, instead of attaching to the primary aircraft controls, uses a robust, fast, light-weight servo and tab assembly. This allows for a much lighter weight autopilot system and saves drastically on system cost. Typical complete system install weighs less than one pound.


“The things that we are able to do in the aircraft using such small and light-weight servo tabs are just amazing.” said CEO Andrew Barker “AEP is a wonderful safety feature and the way it works in this system is just incredible.”


Founded in 1999, TruTrak is a leader and innovator in the experimental and light sport aircraft autopilot market.  TruTrak has designed and manufactured many cutting edge autopilots including the autopilots in the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer and most recently Solar Impulse.

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