The Legacy of the ACES VIPER 4040 Vibration and Performance Analyzer lives on in the VIPER II!

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Technology for Energy Corporation’s Aviation Division, ACES Systems, the Industry Leader in Aviation related Dynamic Balancing, Engine Performance Monitoring and Vibration Analysis is proud to introduce the arrival of their next generation VIPER II.


The VIPER II is faster, smarter and more versatile. The Viper II enhances its capability with the introduction of the Transient Balancing Application. This feature has demonstrated a significant improvement in Return on Investment, especially related to fuel expense and labor hours. The VIPER II also has a new vibrant, full color screen that is much larger and presents excellent
images by showing high resolution vibration spectra directly on the analyzer, results can be reviewed immediately and quickly without the need to transfer data to a PC.

The VIPER II continues the legacy of the 4040 by improving upon all current Applications related to Engine Monitoring, Fan Trim Balancing, Acoustic Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Helicopter Track & Balance and Propeller Balancing with enhanced accuracy and performance.

Stop by Booth #2637 for a live demonstration of the VIPER II and continuous question and answer sessions. ACES team members will be available to estimate the significant cost savings of Transient Balancing for your specific maintenance requirements. Get to know our Design Engineer, Product Manager and other key ACES Team members that brought the VIPER II to fruition.

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