Tempest Product Information E-Letter: How Do I Preserve My Engine?

With winter rapidly approaching, aircraft owners are wondering how to preserve their engine during those idle months. The Tempest AA1000 EPS is a great tool to reduce corrosion in your engine by reducing the humidity level in your engine. Tempest has prepared a video that demonstrates the benefits of this system. All engines accumulate moisture when they are not run everyday. Moisture will oxidize and create rust in the engine causing potential damage as well as faulty oil analysis. This condition can be made worse when engines sit idle over the winter months.
Tempest's AA1000 Engine Preservation System pumps dry air into the engine oil filler cap and removes the moisture already in the engine. Continuous operation will prevent any additional moisture from accumulating. If continuous operation is not possible or practical, then running the EPS for approximately one hour after engine shutdown will displace most of the moist air and help preserve your engine.

Source: Tempest http://www.trade-a-plane.com/company-search?id=53391

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