AVMed 51 at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) Offers Comprehensive Aviation Medical Exams

AVMed 51- where you can FLY-IN for your FAA Medical Exam!

KISSIMMEE, FLA. (June 1, 2012) -  Dr. William Busch believes that working with pilots as an advocate for their personal medical proficiency is what a FAA Aviation Medical Examiner can do to keep pilots “healthy and flying.”  In addition to a thorough, comprehensive exam, AVMed 51 also advises pilots on lifestyle changes that promote wellness for years to come.

Dr. William T. Busch joined AVMed 51 (in partnership with Stallion 51) in 2005 bringing with him a unique skill set.  He retired from the US Navy as a Captain and a Dual-Designated Naval Aviator-Flight Surgeon.  He has accumulated over 5000 hours of flight time in over 30 different types of military aircraft and is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, an Airline Transport Rated Pilot and a Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). Dr. Busch’s unique background and perspective has proven invaluable as an aviation and aero-medical consultant.
Dr. Busch and Stallion 51 president Lee Lauderback have developed the Pilot Wellness Program to serve the large aviation population in Central Florida. The sunshine state is home to many Flight Schools turning out young new pilots at a feverish pace. Lee Lauderback and Dr. Busch agree “The Pilot Wellness Programs help educate young pilots on practices that will help keep them healthy and flying for many years to come.”

Florida is also home to the aging baby-boomer population. Many pilots of this generation are facing medical issues that might prevent them from flying into retirement. AVMed 51 encourages these pilots to partner with their AME to develop a program to help identify medical issues before they escalate and potentially cause the loss of flight priviledges.

Dr. Busch believes that “AVMed 51 has proven successful in preventing minor issues from becoming major obstacles”. If those minor issues become ones that need a special issuance from the FAA, Dr. Busch can consult with the pilot on how to comply with the FAA requirements.  Dr. Busch and AvMed 51 “have your six” when dealing with special issuances and possible problematic medical issues.

AVMed 51 offers a unique “fly in” FAA Medical exam.  For more information visit www.stallion51.com or call 407-846-0854. Appointments are encouraged, fly-ins are welcomed.

Source: Stallion 51 http://www.trade-a-plane.com/company-search?id=66302

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