Plane Power, Ltd. Announces Availabilty of FAA PMA Certified 150 AMP Alternator for Continental 520 and 550 Engines

Granbury, TX, October 1, 2011 - Plane Power, Ltd. announces general availability of the Plane-Power C28-150 alternator. The C28-150 is a lightweight, high-output, gear-driven, 150 Amp alternator for Continental 520 and 550 engines.
Weighing just 13 lbs., the Plane-Power C28-150 alternator replaces OEM alternators which typically weigh more than 20 lbs. During FAA testing Plane Power C28-150 alternators demonstrated the capability to provide 150 Amps continuously at typical engine cruise RPM. The C28-150 also generates more than 60 Amps at just 1,000 engine RPM. C28-150 alternators also feature Plane-Power’s proprietary dual-fan cooling design not only enabling very high continuous output, but also ensuring the highest reliability.
“The key to the C28-150’s performance is its unique combination of highquality components, precision manufactured hair pin stator assembly and a very efficient, proprietary cooling design,” explains Jason Hutchison, Assistant General Manager of Plane Power, Ltd. “At just 13 lbs. installed weight, the C28-150 is unmatched in its ability to provide very high continuous output of 150 Amps while maintaining the lowest operating temperatures in the fleet. The result is a very high output alternator with very high reliability.”
Every Plane-Power lightweight alternator is precision balanced and features precision component tolerances which reduce vibration and greatly extended service life. Plane-Power alternators also feature built-in noise filtration avoiding the need for additional filters and greatly simplifying Plane-Power alternator installations. All Plane-Power alternators are specifically designed for general aviation aircraft and are manufactured in Plane Power, Ltd.’s Granbury, Texas factory.
Customers use their existing alternator gear/clutch assembly when installing the C28-150 eliminating the need to purchase a new gear/clutch assembly. The C28-150 is currently shipping to Plane-Power dealers. For a complete list of Plane-Power dealers, catalogs and FBO’s world-wide, please visit For a complete listing of FAA PMA eligible Continental engine models, visit:

About Plane-Power

Plane-Power alternators are engineered, designed, manufactured and marketed by Plane Power, Ltd. Based in Granbury, Texas, Plane Power, Ltd. offers a complete line of lightweight, regulators, and belt-driven alternators for general aviation aircraft. For more information call, 877-934-5700. Web:

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