New Eco-Friendly Ground Power Unit Launched

Start Pac

17 March 2014: A Patent Pending eco-friendly aircraft ground power unit that uses up to 75% less fuel than traditional equipment has been launched by leading global ground support manufacturer, Start Pac.

Start Pac’s new lithium 26 volt hybrid ground power unit, the Hi-Brd 3 GPU, is one of the few units that meet current Tier IV EPA emissions standards. It is available in two models: the unique self-propelled version which makes it simple and easy to maneuver for shorter distances as well as towable for longer distances and the Rover , which is an electric cart mounted drivable unit for longer distances that can also tow luggage and lav carts.

As well as consuming up to 75% less fuel, the Hi-Brd 3 GPU also runs much more quietly and efficiently than traditional equipment and the simple easy-to-use key ignition allows for fast on-the-job training and operation. The unit is also equipped with a built-in battery warmer and charger.


Mark Marar, a Research and Design Engineer at Start Pac said: “At Start Pac, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our customers and we know that mobility is crucial. Both Hi-Brd 3 models are ideal for operations that may not have access to a tug but need the ability to easily walk the unit to the aircraft out on the ramp or drive longer distances while towing a luggage cart. Our patented Quick Change lithium batteries provide twice the battery cycle life of lead acid batteries without sulfation issues, and the Hi-Brd 3’s automotive type steering makes it easily maneuverable while also being one of the few units to meet stringent emissions standards. “

He added: “The Hi-Brd 3 GPU embodies the innovative and client-focused approach that is core to our business.”
StartPac has designed and manufactured Patented and Patent pending ground support equipment for the aviation industry since 1997.

The Hi-Brd 3 GPU is available from today for purchase. More information please visit

Start Pac produces patent pending reliable, efficient and long-lasting ground power units and lightweight portable power supplies for civil and military aviation and ground forces as well as support equipment for the locomotive industry. Incorporating the latest technologies, Start Pac’s lithium batteries are significantly lighter and smaller than lead-acid batteries and have the ability to last up to twice as long.

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