Medical Oxygen Solutions for Rotary Aircraft to be Showcased at Heli Expo 2017

Shaw Aerox® to Showcase Medical Oxygen System Solutions Designed For Rotary Aircraft at Heli Expo 2017

Limington, ME., February 9, 2017 - Shaw Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems will be showcasing the latest in medical aviation oxygen system products and technologies during the 2017 Heli Expo Convention at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, TX, March 7 – 9, 2017

Please visit the Shaw Aerox® Team and learn more about medical oxygen systems at Booth ­­­­­ 7021.

Products and Technologies that will be featured include:

System Installation Hardware

Shaw Aerox® offers a number of different components and options, including various adaptors, mounting brackets, line assemblies and pressure gages to make installation easier and to meet the needs of various types of rotary aircraft installations. Many of the components can be ordered to specific capacities, lengths and thread configurations to meet operators’ individual requirements. In addition to following the principals of oxygen safety, all components are designed of rugged construction.

Cylinder and Regulator Assembly

The Shaw Aerox® cylinder and regulator assembly, designed for aviation use, features a Kevlar wound cylinder that weighs less than the same sized steel or aluminum cylinder. A regulator mounted on the cylinder is actuated by a push-pull lever and operates as a high pressure reducer.  Shaw Aerox® offers a multitude of cylinder sizes and regulator configurations to meet customer specific requirements.

Trans-filling Hardware

A necessity for maintaining any oxygen system is the ability to refill the system.  Shaw Aerox® components are designed for 1800 through 3000 psig, fixed and portable oxygen systems. Various components and adaptors allow completion of either a customized system or a Shaw Aerox® COTS system.  Connect, service and trans-fill with any thread configuration with components that are constructed of fire safe materials.

Shaw Aerox provides a complete line of FAA Approved TSO-C103 continuous flow oxygen masks such as the 4110-711 and 4110-712 series and FAA TSO-C78A and TSO-C89A approved, quick donning, carbon-fiber diluter demand style oxygen masks (4110-725).

As the originator of high-duration oxygen systems, Shaw Aerox® continues to lead the industry in research and development of new products and innovative systems that deliver the performance, durability and comfort demanded by aviators around the world. From oxygen system accessories and retrofit solutions to cannulas and portable oxygen systems, pilots and passengers around the world have depended on Shaw Aerox® products to keep them healthy, alert and safe in the air.

Our goal at Shaw Aerox® is to satisfy our existing customers and to attract new customers by building and maintaining a reputation in the aerospace industry as a company that offers cost effective, high quality solutions to complex problems. We recognize that all customers want to be listened to, understood, shown respect, to be kept informed and to receive superior value in the form of a final product delivered on time at a fair price. Therefore our organization is structured to focus on supporting our customers in every way possible throughout our relationship.

 About Shaw Aerox® Oxygen Systems, Inc.

Shaw Aerox® Oxygen Systems, Inc. designs and builds innovative, high-duration oxygen systems made specifically for the aviation industry. Since 1981, pilots and passengers around the world have depended on Shaw Aerox® O2 aviation masks, cannulas, cylinder tanks, portable oxygen and emergency oxygen systems to keep them healthy, alert and safe in the air.

For more information about any of our products or to learn more about our custom system design capabilities, please visit, call 1-800-237-6902 or email





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