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Ever wanted to enjoy flying in and out of lakes, rivers and bays, and then return to your home base on solid ground? With the new LF1500A carbon fiber floats from American Legend it's now possible. They're an amphibious design that can also land on paved or unimproved surfaces. After all, it is a Cub!
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The LF1500As are a true amphibious design with retractable wheels operated by a dual-action hydraulic hand pump. The rear wheels feature a trailing link design and the front wheels cantilever forward. It's a practical and proven solution that ensures reliability and safety.

Recently certified, the Kevlar and carbon fiber float design will fulfill pent-up demand for an amphib option on the Legend Cub. The floats excel in strength and performance and have been built purposely for the Legend Cub and Super Legend.

"Ground handling with the new carbon fiber floats is exceptional. Straight-line tracking keeps the tail in its aft alignment, while differential braking and castoring front wheels provide positive steering control," says test pilot and company owner Darin Hart.

The LF1500As are super strong as one would expect of carbon fiber. They're also lightweight and pilot friendly. Step taxi is brief, allowing water takeoffs in short order. The designed-in rigidity and generous buoyancy of the amphibs prevent porpoising and plowing while maneuvering on water.

The LF1500As add a mere 230 lbs to the empty weight of the airplane. As a result, the realistic useful load fits well under the 1,430-lb LSA floatplane weight limit. The LF1500A floats also offer watertight storage compartments.

An amphibious Legend Cub is one aircraft customers have been wishing for. Now available, the new LF1500A floats add excitement and distinction to this ever-popular aircraft.

For more information on the Legend Cub, Super Legend and LF1500A Amphibious Floats, email us at info@legend.aero or call 903-885-7000.

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