Garmin® Unveils New Features, Equipment Compatibility for G600, G500

OLATHE, Kan./October 29, 2012/BUSINESS WIRE — Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced new features and additional external equipment compatibilities for the G600 and G500 flight display systems. With the latest software and the new GAD 43e adapter, the G600 and G500 can display and control altitude preselect and vertical speed, and display DME distance, analog radar altitude, analog nav data and more.
“These new interface capabilities reduce pilot workload and enhance safety by putting more valuable information right in the pilot’s primary field of view,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “By integrating this data into the G600 and G500 digital displays, aircraft owners have an opportunity to clean up their panel and enhance the reliability of the instruments by removing older equipment.”
The GAD 43e is an enhanced version of the GAD 43 adapter. Just like the GAD 43, the GAD 43e allows Garmin’s digital Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) to provide analog attitude information for use with select third-party autopilot systems in place of a costly-to-maintain attitude direction indicator (ADI) or remote vertical gyro (VG). The GAD 43e interfaces with the Garmin G500 and G600 for configuration and display, and it interfaces with Garmin’s remote AHRS unit for attitude, heading, and yaw input information. For attitude-based autopilots, the GAD 43e can emulate the system’s gyro interfaces with far more accurate and reliable AHRS data. This typically lets aircraft owners remove the existing ADI or attitude gyro, such as the familiar KI-256, and replace it on the panel with a more affordable attitude indicator as the backup instrumentation.
The enhanced GAD 43e functions as an altitude preselector and vertical speed controller when interfaced to compatible autopilots. The GAD 43e also allows aircraft owners to interface their existing compatible analog NAV radios and display VOR/LOC/GS with the G600/G500 flight display system. Furthermore, the GAD 43e enables the G600/G500 flight display system to display marker beacon lamps, DME indications, synchro ADF bearing pointers and analog radar altimeter read out, allowing the pilot to remove older equipment and clean up the panel.
Functions of the GAD 43e are enabled with G600/G500 software version 6.11 at no additional cost (installation charges may apply). Version 6.11 software and the GAD 43e are AML STC approved for the G600. AML STC approval for the G500 is expected soon. The GAD 43e will be available as standard equipment with a version of the G600 and as an option for the G500 for $4,995.
Customers with an existing GAD 43 who are able to take advantage of the enhanced benefits of the GAD 43e can upgrade their adapter through a Garmin Authorized Dealer. For a list of compatible autopilot interfaces and for additional information visit
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Source: Garmin International

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