Garmin Announces Availability of the G3X Touch 7-Inch Touchscreen Display


Garmin is pleased to announce the availability of the new 7-inch G3X Touch display option for experimental amateur-built and light sport aircraft. The newest addition to the G3X Touch family features a high-resolution touchscreen display, which complements the existing 10.6-inch G3X Touch system, offering new panel design options and added redundancy.

G3X Touch 7-Inch

The 7-inch G3X Touch features a robust, infrared touchscreen display, which demonstrates Garmin’s industry-leading experience in glass cockpit technology. Pilots and homebuilders who own amateur-built and light sport aircraft have a number of installation options with the 7-inch display, particularly if height and width constraints are of concern in the aircraft panel. Pilots who wish to install more than one display, have the option of installing any combination of up to three 10.6-inch or 7-inch G3X Touch displays.

Dual Displays

Seamless integration between multiple displays gives pilots a variety of options as well as easier access to more information in the cockpit. Incorporating multiple G3X Touch displays into one panel, offers added redundancy and enhanced functionality. When paired with a 10.6-inch display, the 7-inch G3X Touch system can serve as a dedicated display for a variety of features including traffic awareness, full-screen moving map, geo-referenced charts, engine information and even serve as a back-up primary flight display (PFD).

G3XTouch 7Inch MFD

Pilots are offered the most comprehensive lineup of integration potential with G3X Touch, including the opportunity to incorporate an IFR navigator such as the GTN, angle of attack information with the GI-260 and an active traffic system. G3X Touch supports additional connectivity with VIRB, Garmin’s HD action camera, which uses an easy-access BNC composite video connection. Viewing live, full-screen video on the G3X Touch display is possible when integrating VIRB, which also allows pilots to start and stop video recording and take photos from the touchscreen. Additionally, touchscreen control of Garmin’s industry -leading experimental autopilot is available, while still supporting the optional stand-alone GMC 305 autopilot control panel. Further touchscreen control of the remote-mounted GTX 23 ES transponder and GTR 20 remote com radio saves panel space and offers a simple and integrated cockpit.

G3X 7Inch PFD

Synthetic vision (SVX) comes standard on G3X Touch, providing a rich, threedimensional depiction of terrain, obstacles, water features, the runway environment and more. VFR Sectionals, IFR Enroute Charts, geo-referenced SafeTaxi airport diagrams and FliteCharts terminal procedures for the U.S., Europe and Canada are offered on all G3X Touch displays, providing pilots with the charts they need for both VFR and IFR flight. A version of G3X Touch offers access to SiriusXM satellite radio and SiriusXM Aviation weather, including weather products such as NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, winds aloft and more (SiriusXM subscription required).

Team X is committed to offering industry-leading avionics to the experimental market, which are backed by Garmin’s award-winning aviation support team. A well-equipped, 7-inch G3X Touch system, which includes SVX, video input, a built-in WAAS GPS receiver, ADAHRS, magnetometer, OAT probe, interactive mapping and more, starts at $4,599 (Manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Price.) Customers may also take advantage of lower database prices starting at $49.99 for G3X and G3X Touch. Visit our G3X Touch website for additional information.


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