Continental to Offer Diesel Retrofits in China

Continental Motors, Inc


Zhuhai (China), 13 November 2014Continental Motors Group Ltd, an AVIC International Holding Corporation company, announced today it will offer its CD-100 diesel series for the retrofit of existing aircraft in China. With Chinese certifications underway especially fleet operators can benefit from low fuel consumption, only scheduled maintenance concept and environmental friendliness of Continental Motors’ diesel engines. Uses of Chinese Jet Fuel No. 3 available on every Chinese airport as well as a Chinese support structure via Continental Motors Beijing are self-evident.

“We plan to support the growth of the Chinese pilot training market with a tailor-made concept. Flight schools will benefit from significantly lower cost operating a fleet of Continental Diesel engines as compared to Avgas powered aircraft. Proven reliability in training operation, low fuel cost thanks to low consumption and the use of Chinese jet fuel, and no unscheduled maintenance with AOG by surprise”, said Ken Suda, Director, Continental Motors Group (CMG) and Managing Director of Technify Motors GmbH, the German subsidiary of CMG. “Our CD-135 and CD-155 make a Cessna 172, Piper PA-28 or Diamond DA40 an affordable, modern, and easy-to-fly training platform”, he emphasized.

CMG has filed for Chinese Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) of the installation of its Diesel piston aircraft engines CD-135 and CD-155 in the Cessna 172, Piper PA-28 and Diamond DA40. This means that existing Cessna models 172 F to S and Piper PA-151/161 and 181 as well as all DA40 can be equipped with diesel engines when STC will be granted in 2015. The CD-155 is the more powerful version of the well-established CD-135 with its proven fuel efficiency. With an identical weight, it generates additional 20 horsepower enabling the aircraft better performance under heavy duty conditions like hot-and-high.

Both, the CD-135 and CD-155, form harmonious teams with the proven airframes and are available on the Chinese market for over ten years now. All CD-100 series engines run on Chinese Jet Fuel No. 3 which is available on every Chinese airport. Also, they offer an excellent safety record showing the engines are four-times more reliable than average gasoline engines. Due to the FADEC control and state-of-the-art technology the engines offer ease of operation via a single lever to control load, mixture and speed. This feature is loved by flight students as well as professional pilots because engine control is easy as in a jet liner.

Chinese customers benefit from the existing and proven aftermarket support structure in China including a Chinese speaking desk and a local warehouse both offered by China based Continental Motors Beijing Co., Ltd. Today, there are already many fleet customers using CMG engine installations in China professionally and they are very pleased with our product.

“Everyone who needs good performance at low consumption is in favour of the CD-135. Pilots loving top performance will be enthusiastic about the CD-155,” said Markus Steinberg, DO & Accountable Manager of TMG. “All this gave the airframe manufacturers a good technical reason to include the CD-100 engine series to their OEM program. Piper presented the Archer DX in April 2014 and Cessna exhibited the Skyhawk JT-A at Oshkosh in July 2014”, he added.


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AVIC International Holding Corporation was set up in 1979, with majority shares owned by Aviation Industries of China (AVIC). Headquartered in Beijing, AVIC International delivered over 147 billion RMB in revenue in 2013. The company has over 70,000 employees across 400 subsidiaries and is located in over 50 countries. AVIC International is a well-diversified company, with holdings in International Civil Aviation, Trade & Logistics, Retail & High-end Consumables, Real Estate and Hotel Management, Electronics Manufacturing, and Natural Resource Development. More information can be found at

Continental Motors Group, Ltd. of Hong Kong, China is a subsidiary of AVIC International Holding Corporation of Beijing, China. Its mission is to provide advanced gasoline and Jet-A piston engine products, spare parts, engine and aircraft services, avionics equipment and repairs as well as pilot training for the general aviation marketplace. Continental is an international operation employing approximately 450 team members in Mobile and Baldwin counties, Alabama, USA; 200 team members in St. Egidien, Germany; and 8 team members in Beijing, China. More information can be found at

German-based Technify Motors GmbH is the leading manufacturer for certified Diesel (jet fuel) piston aircraft engines for general aviation, and has been part of the Continental Motors Group since July 2013. Continental Diesels have a global network of more than 350 authorized service centers to support worldwide customers. Altogether, 4,000 plus Continental Diesel engines delivered to date have successfully completed more than 4 million flight hours. Technify also produces engine components and engine applications for defense and automotive industry. More information can be found at and

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