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SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, APRIL 30, 2012 – Bruce’s Custom Covers announced today the broadest range of custom fitted covers for aircraft and engines. For more than 32 years, Bruce’s Custom Covers has been the innovation and quality leader in protective covers for aircraft all over the world. Covers for airplanes, jets, helicopters, gliders, off-link jet engines and more provide AOG protection from the elements and enhance the safety, utility and operation of any aircraft.
Bruce’s Custom Covers recently launched its new website,, to showcase its broad line of protective covering solutions. The new website is more modern in many ways.
First, it was designed with customer outreach in mind. New social media links offer ways to connect with Bruce’s in a socially friendly forum. This allows customers to share their experiences with a Bruce’s custom covering solution. It also allows the company to reach out to new customers. The new website is connectivity-friendly with its ability to run on all portable viewing platforms including iPad and Android. Access to the information is fast and it is presented in a concise and uniform format. Aircraft owners can quickly navigate to find a covering solution that fits their particular aircraft.
A vast amount of information pertaining to individual aircraft and types of covering systems is now available online. This simple navigation of hides the fact that more than 9,000 covering options are presented.
Whether covering from airborne debris, solar rays, dust, or even hail, a protective cover from Bruce’s will extend the life of an aircraft ultimately saving on costs of repair and replacement. Covering solutions can even facilitate ground-handling operations such as preheating, long-term storage, transporting, corrosion protection and keeping props from spinning. A well-built cover can give operators an immediate payback with regards to weather anomalies and ground-handling operations, and can last for years further protecting an aircraft investment.
To celebrate the launch of the new website, Bruce’s Custom Covers is offering a special 10% discount on all aircraft covering products to the first 50 customers who use Coupon Code: GEGNYQ during online order checkout.
Bruce’s Custom Covers and Aircraft Covers, Inc. is the industry leader in protective covering systems for aircraft of all types. Bruce’s uses state-of-the-art materials and methodologies to ensure durability, quality and finish. Bruce’s is committed to advancing the science and art of cover design in service to the demands and expectations of its customers worldwide.

Source: Bruce's Custom Covers

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