Bruce's Custom Covers Marks 35 Years of Service to Aircraft Owners around the World

Bruce Custom Covers

Sunnyvale, CA --Bruce's Custom Covers, the world's largest producer of aircraft covers, is celebrating more than 35 years of protecting aircraft, closing in on nearly half a million aircraft covered!

In celebration of the anniversary, Bruce will feature a specific airplane along with specials on their products every month. (visit for the monthly specials)

“In the beginning, it was just me and my passion for protecting aircraft,” said Bruce Perlitch, owner and founder of Bruce's Custom Covers. “I grew up around great aircraft and amazing aircraft owners learning the importance of taking care of your investments.”

In the early days, it was just Bruce and an antique sewing machine. With each order, he would make a paper pattern of the unique aircraft and sew each cover himself. Today, his Silicon Valley factory hums with high tech digital cutting and sewing machinery supported by a workforce of more than 40 talented sewers and technicians.

“Working in canvas and other protective, weather enduring materials and making it fit like a glove is always our challenge,” said Bruce. “We have our materials produced for us to withstand the harshest conditions mother nature can throw at an airplane.”

Protecting aircraft has no season; it is an all-year-long battle to keep an airplane in more than just flying condition.

Every season has it’s challenges: sun, wind, rain, snow, hail and invasive animals can do more than cosmetic harm. And while there is no substitute for regular and mandated maintenance, dollar for dollar, a relatively low cost cover is the easiest thing an airplane owner can do to protect their airplane.

Bruce’s covers are easily identified on a flight line by his signature triangle of color at each corner. “I enjoy visiting an airport or just seeing a picture of the parking ramp at an airfield and I am gratified to see that most...if not all...the covered aircraft have one of my covers,” said Bruce. “Try it sometime at your airport!”

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Source: Bruce's Custom Covers

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