Aviation Products Systems, Inc. Teams with Wildcat Aerobatics

APS Breaks

Aviation Products Systems, the originator of the “BlackSteel”® brake disc, has joined forces with the wildly popular European Wildcat Aerobatics team to provide their fleet with the ultimate in aircraft braking power.

Wildcat Aerobatics is East Anglia’s premier formation aerobatic display team. The display fleet is made up of a pair of iconic Pitts Special biplanes joined by an Edge 360 high-performance monoplane; a combination that is guaranteed to thrill the crowds. This team, now equipped with the APS “BlackSteel”® brake discs and linings, brings together unbelievably close-formation aerobatics, precision pairs synchronized flying, and the extreme physical demands of flicking and tumbling in a high performance Red Bull air-racer. Edward Ludlow, spokesperson for Wildcat Aerobatics, had this to say about APS “BlackSteel”® brake discs, “We have been very impressed with the braking, but equally as impressed with the pad life!”

The partnership between APS and Wildcat Aerobatics will not only increase the Wildcat footprint in the US, but will also boost the APS presence in Europe. Dan Andrews, Corporate Sales Manager for APS, says “We’re very excited to be the official brake-product sponsor for Wildcat Aerobatics. The Wildcat Aerobatics team is a great representative of our product and what it can do.” The Wildcat Aerobatics team feels very passionate about promoting their mission critical supporters. “We put our lives in the hands of APS “BlackSteel”® brake discs and linings, and we actively want to promote the brands we rely on” says Wildcat team member Ed Ludlow.

APS is a leading manufacturer of FAA-PMA replacement brake discs and pads, and the developer of the high-quality original “BlackSteel”® brake disc, which has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. CNC machined from a premium-quality alloy-steel forging, these brakes are a true blend of strength and durability and are built to provide unparalleled performance. Heat treated to give them the “BlackSteel”® appearance, with our “BlackSteel”® name proudly engraved on the side; APS “BlackSteel”® brakes offer the ultimate in braking performance.

For more information and to see our extensive list of world-wide distributors, visit the APS website at www.apsbrakes.com, or contact a representative at 618-797-3140.

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