Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems Announces a New High Flow Regulator Valve for Composite Fiber-Wrapped Cylinders designed specifically for Medevac Helicopter Operators which will be displayed at the Heli Expo 2015



Limington, ME., February 2, 2015


Aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems is pleased to announce a new Remote High Flow Regulator for use with Composite Fiber-Wrapped Cylinders, designed specifically for the requirements of Medevac Helicopter Operators that will be displayed at the Heli Expo Convention in Orlando, Florida March 3 – 5, 2015.


Please stop by to visit Aerox and learn more about oxygen systems at Booth 5407.


The High Flow Remote Regulator is designed to provide regulated oxygen pressure to pilots, passengers, fill access port and high pressure contents gauge line ports.   The regulator is actuated from the cockpit via an on/off cable connected to the actuator arm allowing the oxygen to flow freely.  Oxygen supply pressure can be pre-set (fixed flow) or manually adjusted for desired flow rates. The aluminum (6061-T6) and brass (CDA 360) construction, ideal for Medevac operations, provides for a durable valve body with protection from pressure shock and ignition.


Aerox High Flow Regulator 1

Aerox has provided multiple dependable and reliable oxygen system products, including Kevlar Fiber- Wrapped Cylinders (per DOT-SP-8162), to Medevac Operators for many years.


As the originator of high-duration oxygen systems, Aerox continues to lead the industry in research and development of new products and innovative systems that deliver the performance, durability and comfort demanded by aviators around the world. From oxygen system accessories and retrofit solutions to cannulas and portable oxygen systems, pilots and passengers around the world have depended on Aerox products to keep them healthy, alert and safe in the air.

Aerox is (one of) the only U.S. manufacturers to offer a complete line of FAA Approved TSO-C103 continuous flow oxygen masks such as the 4110-711 and 4110-712 series and FAA TSO-C78A and TSO-C89A approved, quick donning, diluter-demand style oxygen masks (4110-725).


About Aerox® Oxygen Systems, Inc.

Aerox® Oxygen Systems, Inc. designs and builds innovative, high-duration oxygen systems made specifically for the aviation industry. Since 1981, pilots and passengers around the world have depended on Aerox O2 aviation masks, cannulas, cylinder tanks, portable oxygen and emergency oxygen systems to keep them healthy, alert and safe in the air.

For more information about any of our products or to learn more about our custom system design capabilities, please visit, call 1-800-237-6902 or email



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