Garmin Pilot iOS and Android Updates


Tablets are quickly being adapted within flight decks across all spectrums of aviation. Garmin Pilot has recently undergone a number of customer requested upgrades that are worthy of highlighting on both of the iOS and Android platforms.


During Oshkosh of this year, we introduced obstacle and terrain overlays. This feature has now been upgraded with a split-screen viewing capability. Pilots can view extended runway centerlines in two formats, making it easier to approach airports with runways in close proximity to one another. User-defined and configurable distance rings allow customers the ability to overlay range rings along their flight path for easy identification of flight-critical information, such as TFR’s, obstacles, terrain, and even weather.

Decoded TAF - iOS

Garmin Pilot offers ATC Proposed Route Notification, which notifies pilots of changes within a filed flight plan. Updates to these latest notifications are available to any existing active flight plan. Version 5.3, which was released this week, allows Garmin Pilot to wirelessly share flight plans and waypoints with our recently announced D2 Pilot Watch. Garmin Pilot also provides audible terrain and obstacle as well as traffic alerts when paired with GDL 39. Decoded TAFs offer pilots easier recognition of VFR, MVFR, LIFR, or IFR conditions between departure/destination airport pairs. NOTAMs are displayed relative to aircraft position and are pertinent to the active flight plan.

Terrain Alert - iOS



We are excited to continue to offer our Android customers a solution for in-flight navigation that is comparatively congruent with our iOS platform. The feature lineup between both platforms varies slightly and going forward, we anticipate Garmin Pilot will continue to offer pilots utilizing Android tablets and phones, a state-of-the-art navigation solution.

Preferred routing allows pilots the opportunity to obtain route information that was previously received from other pilots flying similar routes. The latest version of Garmin Pilot on Android offers decoded TAF’s to further ease the readability of challenging forecasts. Pilots may long-press within any airspace ring to obtain specific information, such as airspace altitude limitations. This data is also available within the NavTrack menu.

Decoded TAF - Android

A scratch pad is available on Android tablets to document in-flight information at a moment’s notice. Map and traffic information may now be viewed simultaneously in split-screen mode. In line with the latest iOS update this week, version 2.7 on Android allows Garmin Pilot to share flight plans and waypoints with our D2 Pilot Watch. Proposed route notifications allow customers to be notified of any changes ATC makes to a previously filed flight plan. Decoded TAFs allow pilots to easily review weather forecasts along their route of flight, this format can easily be translated.

Proposed Route - Android

The user interface within Garmin Pilot is reflective of that among our entire Garmin product line. One of the leading features available on both iOS and Android operating systems is our dynamic map capabilities. When in track-up mode, maps will dynamically adjust to the pilot’s direction of flight, ensuring maps turn smoothly and labels are always upright and easy to read. Furthermore, track-up orientation is also available on static sectionals and en-route charts.

Both platforms are compatible with Garmin’s GDL 39, our non-certified ADS-B solution. Customers may obtain both traffic and weather information with ease right on their tablet and/or Garmin portable simultaneously. With Tablets introducing a wealth of information into the flight deck, Garmin Pilot enables pilots to obtain the information they need, quickly, accurately, and with the same interface they are used to navigating (pun intended!) within their Garmin avionics.

Source: Garmin International

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