FMA Solo Program Update

Flying Musicians Association, Inc.

The success of the FMA Solo program has been phenomenal.  We are receiving enormous media attention including a full page ad in the June edition of Aviators Hot Line, received educational and promotional gifts from AOPA, Avemco and Gleim, four learn to fly courses from Sporty’s Pilot Shop and ONE fully funded scholarship thanks to Sky-Tec, the makers of the FLYWEIGHT Starter. What a great start to a program that is sure to become the most coveted for high school band members for years to come. However, wouldn’t it be great to fund more?

The good news is that we have narrowed the field to five finalists. They are all extremely talented, gifted, hard workers and have a history of helping others.  There are two females and three males. All were highly recommended by their band directors and all wrote short essays exclaiming their love of music and strong desire to fly.

“As I enter Lewis University I will be able to bring together my passion for music with my love of aviation.  I will be majoring in Aviation and minoring in Music Technology.” – FMA Solo Candidate

The bad news is that as of now, we have to select only ONE.  We have identified the student population that has the highest propensity and academic skill set to succeed at becoming a pilot.  We have created a program that will increase the pilot population.  FMA will nurture and assist youth to grow through music and aviation.

All FIVE finalists have been given a one year membership in FMA along with a FMA shirt, bag and various promotional swag that YOU have so graciously donated. We will document their journey: issue press releases, news stories and social media post so all can follow their progress.

How many students will solo this year?  That depends on you!  The selection date is June 30!  Please let me know ASAP how many students you would like to sponsor (~$2500 per) and or what flight gear, training aides and other items you are willing to donate to smooth the way. After all, increasing the pilot population will benefit all of us!


John G. Zapp Sr.
Co-Founder / President / CEO
Flying Musicians Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 2201
Grapevine, TX 76099





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