Virgin Atlantic Debuts Pre-flight Safety Video That Begs You To Get Up and Dance

Airline safety videos have become so static they border on ridiculous

Airline safety videos are mandated by the FAA, so you can’t really blame the airline for forcing every traveler to sit through a three to five minute safety lesson that is systematically designed not to scare the heck out of travelers. Talk of oxygen masks, emergency exit slides, and loss of cabin pressure sure seems like a heavy topic, but these videos are so dumbed-down they almost appear comical. For instance, you’ll often find a fresh-faced flight attendant or company spokesperson who actually informs you on how to buckle a seatbelt. Seatbelts have been mandatory in US vehicles since 1984, so you’d think that we have had enough practice! Other segments of these videos transcend the ridiculous, with tranquil-looking flight attendants talking about using your seat cushion as a life-saving floatation device in the event of a water landing. The most common sight you’ll see, though, is an airplane full of people who are doing anything but watching the mandatory safety video.

Revolutionary airline company Virgin Atlantic realized that these videos were not only boring and stale, they were probably completely ineffective at delivering an important safety message. The gurus of Virgin decided to tackle this issue head on and the results are amazing.

Virgin Atlantic safety video delivers laughs, entertainment, and keeps traveler’s eyes glued to the screen

Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic is part of his Virgin Group, which includes dealings in the media, travel, entertainment, and technology arenas. With Branson’s background heavily steeped in the music and entertainment industry, it makes sense that the new safety video include musical artists, dance numbers, and entertaining quips about the stodgy state of the current airline safety video dilemma. Reaction to this video has been incredible. Passengers actually want to watch it, and the safety message that is mandated by the FAA is still provided. The video has only been out a short amount of time – launching on November 4th, 2013, yet it has already amassed over 4 million views on YouTube.

It is about time that an airline safety video directly addresses (and comically so) the notion that only about .001% of people have never buckled a seatbelt! It is about time that we took a step into the future and condoned some fun and entertainment in the rather moribund elements of government-mandated safety protocols. And it is about time that a company like Virgin Atlantic motivates other airlines to lighten up, have fun with their passengers, and create an experience you’d want to share with the world.

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