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AllJets, LLC Offering Early Delivery Position on Cirrus SF50

  June 2, 2017 -  AllJets, a leading aircraft broker in the light jet market is launching a campaign to help buyers secure a Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet before the year 2023.  The new single-engine jet is a hit!  With deliveries underway, Cirrus Aircraft enjoys a backlog of over 600 aircraft with deliveries stretching out […]

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What's in a Name? What's the Difference Between a Citation and CitationJet?

Questions are asked about the origin of the Citation name and the many variants Cessna uses to name their line of business jets.  “What are the differences between the various CitationJets?”, “Are all Cessna Jet Aircraft called CitationJets?”, “Why are there so many CitationJet models?” and “What’s the difference between a Citation and CitationJet?”.  Clarification […]

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