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Eco AEP (Automatic Envelope Protection) Demonstration

Video of the Eco autopilot testing AEP (automatic envelope protection) on today's test flight.  

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TAPtv has released a new featurette on

Recently TAPtv visited legendary aircraft builder and collector (and champion aerobatic pilot) Kermit Weeks at his Fantasy of Flight Museum near Orlando Florida. Mr. Weeks gave TAPtv an exclusive guided tour of the museum, showing us some of the remarkable airplanes in his collection. See some of the amazing aircraft he owns at at

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Virgin Atlantic Debuts Pre-flight Safety Video That Begs You To Get Up and Dance

Airline safety videos have become so static they border on ridiculous Airline safety videos are mandated by the FAA, so you can’t really blame the airline for forcing every traveler to sit through a three to five minute safety lesson that is systematically designed not to scare the heck out of travelers. Talk of oxygen […]

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Eurocopter Introduces High-Speed Hybrid X3 Demonstrator

Eurocopter has initited a United States dog and pony show including Washington, D.C., Redstone Arsenal and Fort Bragg, to showcase its X3 demonstrator. The prototype appeared to a crowd of hundreds—including operators, government officials and spectators at Grand Praire Texas last Wednesday at the American Eurocopter facility. Eurocopter President & CEO Lutz Bertling said that […]

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AirVenture 2012 Video Asks, 'What's On Your Bucket List?'

With about 80 days remaining until opening day on July 23, this year's AirVenture preview video ought to whet your appetite for the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration. This year we celebrate the "Greatest Generation in the Air" with tributes to the Doolittle Raiders and Tuskegee Airmen, the Piper Cub's 75th anniversary, and Van's RV 40th […]

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TapTV interviewed Evelyn Johnson in Feb. 2011.

Mama Bird Career Still Soaring

For Tennessee Wesleyan College graduate Evelyn Bryan Johnson, a hobby to battle boredom has become a lifelong career taking her to new heights that no woman or living person has been before. Johnson, a 1929 graduate of TWC, holds a Guinness Book of World Records title for having the most flying hours of any woman […]

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Compton Kids Learn to Fly After School

On a sunny afternoon at Compton Airport, 9-year-old Jose Pineda runs across the tarmac and makes a beeline for a single-engine Cessna Aircraft. He's completely at ease –- clearly in his element –- laughing and joking about a special celebration coming up. A birthday. He runs his hand along the side of the plane and […]

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